State Championship Tournaments

Three Target Tournaments!

Each year the Oregon Bow Hunters sponsor three State Championship Tournaments, an Indoor, Field and a 3-D. In addition to the 3 State Tournaments, we offer a Triple Crown Award. This is prestigious award goes to the competitor with the highest combined score in each class for all three tournaments.

  • Please check the Calendar Link for Tournament dates & times.
  • Information for each of the three tournaments can be found on this page.
  • Tournament rules can be found at this link

Please pre-register for these tournaments and receive a discount. Also, new for 2015 is the ability to pre-pay online! Simply pay and register online, pickup your shoot card at the check-in desk! Don't forget to make sure your membership is current and you can do this online too!

Detailed description of "How to determine your shooting class"

NFAA Shooting Styles: (all divisions recognize male & female)
Divisions: Classes:
Pro/Pro Senior (50+) Freestyle (FS)
Freestyle Limited (FSL)
Freestyle Limited (FSLR)
Master Seniors (70+) Same as Adult
Silver Seniors (60+) Same as Adult
Senior (50+) Same as Adult
Adult (18+) Freestyle (FS)
Freestyle Limited (FSL)
Freestyle Limited-Recurve (FSLR)
Barebow (BB)
Bowhunter (BH)
Bowhunter Freestyle (BHFS)
Bowhunter Freestyle Limited (BHFSL)
Young Adult (15-17) Freestyle (FS)
Freestyle Limited (FSL)
Bowhunter Freestyle (BHFS)
Freestyle Limited-Recurve/Longbow (FSLR)
Barebow (BB)
Youth (12-14) Same as Young Adult
Cubs(11 & under) Same as Young Adult

Shooting Styles & brief general description:

  • FS = Freestyle (Any type of sight, any release, stabilizer)
  • FSL = Freestyle Limited (Same as FS but only glove, tab or finger release)
  • FSLR = Freestyle Limited Recurve (Same as FSL but must use recurve)
  • BB = Barebow (No sights, No release, one draw check & level, stabilizer)
  • BH = Bowhunter (No sights,  No release, stabilizer 12” or shorter, one anchor point)
  • BHFS = Bowhunter Freestyle (Sight with 5 fixed pins or less, release & stabilizer 12” or shorter)
  • BHFSL = Bowhunter Freestyle Limited (Same as BHFS but only glove, tab or finger release)
  • TRAD = Traditional (Recurve or longbow, only glove, tab or finger release, no sights)
  • LB = Longbow (Must use long bow, wooden arrows, no sights)

Tournament Fees:
Pre-registration discount - by web 2 days prior to tournament
or postal mail postmarked 7 days prior to tournament
Late Registration - Friday before tournament & Saturday & Sunday day of the tournament closing 1 hour prior to last shoot time (if lines available.)
Age Category Pre-Registration
Late Registration
Adult/Sr $ 35 $ 45 $ 25
Y/A 35 45 25
Youth 25 35 20
Cub 20 30 18
Husband/Wife 60 80 40
Family (3+) 65 85 45
Pro Class 135 145
Note: Add an additional $10 to the above fees
 for the State Indoor Tournament (effective 2017).

State Indoor

This is the first tournament of the new year. It is a two day shoot usually held in conjunction with the OBH State Convention on a weekend in late February or early March, sometime before the (NFAA) National Indoor Tournament. This is a 20 yard (10 yards for cubs) indoor shoot that follows the exact format, tournament rules & classes as the Nationals. You will shoot 5 arrows per end, 12 ends for a total of 60 scoring arrows per day. 5 points per arrow for a maximum score of 300 points. "X" ring is counted for all 5 spot targets. A perfect score is 300 points with 60 X's.

  • NFAA Rules, Divisions & Class's Apply to the State Indoor Championships
  • Indoor Tournament rules - Please be familiar with these NFAA rules before the tournament begins.
  • You must be a member of OBH and NFAA to qualify for all awards.
  • Late Registration available at tournament site and closes one hour
    prior to last shoot time, space permitting.
  • Teams must pre-register & team members must belong to same club.
  • Team Class's FS, FSL, BB/BH, BHFS & BHFSL; Young Adult & Cub teams are welcome!

Indoor Shoot Schedule
You must shoot two days, you may not shoot twice in the same day.
Please see the Convention web link for available shooting times.

Link to Tournament Registration Form

State Outdoor - Field

This is the second tournament, a two day outdoor usually held on a weekend in June before the (NFAA) National Field Tournament. Like the indoor, this is an NFAA tournament that follows the exact format, tournament rules & classes as the Nationals. Over the course of two days you will shoot at least 252 scoring arrows!

  • NFAA Rules, Divisions & Class's Apply to the State Outdoor Championships.
  • Must be a member of OBH and NFAA to qualify for all awards.
  • Late Registration available at tournament sites (Friday 5pm-9pm & Saturday & Sunday 7am - 8am).
  • Distances will be marked.
  • Tournament will consist of an official NFAA 28 target field round, 28 target hunter round & 28 target animal round.
  • Two rounds shot on Saturday & one round shot on Sunday.
  • Avoid disqualification, please check the rules for your shooting class before the tournament begins.

State Field Shoot Schedule
State Field Starting times 9:00am with shotgun start both days

Link to Tournament Registration Form

State 3-D

This is the third and last tournament for the year. A two day outdoor usually held on a weekend in July. Unlike the Indoor & Field, this tournament does not conform to NFAA rules. The 3-D tournament follows rules set up by the rules committee and approved by the board of field governors. You will shoot one arrow at 40 targets (unmarked distances) each day.

3-D Tournament Rules
NFAA classes will be recognized, however, OBH 3-D rules are different than NFAA rules. Avoid disqualification, please check the rules for your shooting class before the tournament begins.

  • Must be an OBH member to qualify for all awards.
  • Late Registration available at tournament site (Friday 5pm-8pm & Saturday & Sunday until 8am
  • 40 targets shot on Saturday & 40 targets shot on Sunday
  • Scoring will be 12-10-8 or 5 (max possible score 960)
  • On site camping (no hookups) is usually available. Check with the host club for more details.
  • 3-D Tournament Rules are located within the General Tournament Rules Document

State 3-D Shoot Schedule
State 3-D Starting times: Shotgun start both days, Saturday 9:00am, Sunday 8:30 am

Link to Tournament Registration Form

State Triple Crown

Any shooter that competes in all three State Tournaments will automatically be eligible for the State Triple Crown awards. No entry necessary. The overall combination of scores for the three tournaments will determine the winners in each class.

Youth Tournament

OBH's Youth Tournament takes place on Friday afternoon - evening of Annual Convention weekend. Two (2) shooting lines are offered - a 5:30 PM line and a 7 PM line - and the awards ceremony then takes place at 8:30 PM following the second shooting line. The top three (3) shooters in each gender, age and equipment divisions are awarded a medallion indicating their placing in the tournament. There will also likely be an opportunity for tournament participants to go home with a memento of their participation regardless of their shooting skill.

You do not have to be an OBH member to compete in this tournament. There is a small fee to participate in this tournament.

Registration for the Youth Tournament is on a first come – first served basis. You may register by mailing an entry form, please see the convention link for this form.

While participation in past Youth Tournaments has not exceeded capacity, there is a physical limit to the number of participants that can be accommodated on each shooting line and early registration is advised, especially for the 7 PM shooting time.

Additional information is available at the convention link including shooting divisions. For additional questions you may contact: Craig Starr (541) 405-8779.

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