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2017 Season

Jacob Vandermeer Buck 2017
Jacob Vandermeer - Melrose Unit

Jacob filled his tag with a beautiful blacktail buck using a all new Bowtech Realm X

Jacob Vandermeer Buck 2017
Ralph Snyder Bull 2017
Ralph Snyder - Starkey Unit

Ralph shot this bull at 7 yards from a tree stand using a Z3 Matthews bow, 400 Easton St Epic arrow, Thunderhead100 broadhead.

Roger Pearce Buck 2017
Roger Pearce - White River Unit

Roger shot this unusual "Catcus Buck" from a tree stand at 22 yards with a PSE Stinger, using SABO sight and Slick Trick Magnum broadhead.

Roger Pearce Buck 2017 Roger Pearce Buck 2017 Roger Pearce Buck 2017

2016 Season

Glen Walker Elk 2016
Glen Walker - Starkey Unit

Glen started the season correctly by filling his bull tag in the Starkey Unit.

After applying for seventeen years Glen was able to draw coveted Metolius archery tag. He completed his double by taking this great buck!

Glen Walker Buck 2016
Dale Stutevoss
Dale Stutevoss - Desolation Unit

Dale's first bear shot at 38 yards in August with his Bowtech bow.

Ralph Snyder
Ralph Snyder - Starkey Unit

Ralph scored on this beautiful bull elk on Labor Day. He used a Mathew Conquest Light bow, Bloodline 400 arrow and a Thunder Broad Head 100.

Phil Miller 2016
Phil Miller - Santiam Unit

The first deer of my season was a Blacktail doe shot during the 616 antlerless season. She wandered beneath my stand along with 7 other does and fawns. Being the only doe not with a fawn, her number was up. Shot at 18 yards, she only traveled 45 yards following a double lung shot.
The second deer was taken after over two weeks of daily sits in the cold and wet of second archery season. He was the only branch antlered buck to show himself and he was the one I wanted the entire time. I have trail camera pictures of him from early July until the day he was taken. He was at 20 yards when shot, and he traveled nearly 200 yards after my arrow passed through his shoulder and neck. Both deer were taken with my Bowtech Experience, Gold Tip ST Hunter arrows, and Grim Reaper 3-blade fixed broadheads.

Phil Miller 2016

2015 Season

Phil Miller 2015
Phil Miller - Fossil Unit

After 11 days of sitting in a tree stand waiting for an antlered deer this nice blacktail buck stepped into shooting range. He is a 4x2 that scored 90 0/8 P&Y. I used my left-handed Bowtech Fuel with a Gold Tip Expedition Hunter arrow carrying a Muzzy Trocar. Shot at 25 yards he traveled about 100 yards before expiring. He is the second deer I have taken this year after making a switch to shooting left-handed.

Jeff McCraven 2015
Jeff McCraven - Santiam Unit


For several years Jeff has been given permission to hunt at a nice piece of private agricultural property not too far from where we live for the late archery season hunt. He went in to his stand on Saturday of opening weekend. The only animals that came into the stand were a trio of raccoons, a few gray squirrels, a couple of does and a little forked horn buck.

Jeff ended up being sick and not going to his stand that Sunday, wound up in urgent care on Tuesday and found out he had bronchitis. He thought he was going to miss out on the rest of the late hunt and early season had already been a bust. This meant no meat for the freezer this year!

He began to feel better the following Sunday, after being down for 7 days, so he decided to go to his stand. Jeff sat in his stand for awhile in the pouring rain, only to find the same set of animals from last Saturday! As he was contemplating shooting a couple of the squirrels, then packing it in for the hunt, a nice fat 3 point buck showed up. He waited for the buck to move into a better spot and then drew back his arrow and was able to get off a nice shot. After waiting for some time to pass he got out of his stand to start tracking. The buck had gone only 80 yards. He made some calls to secure help for the pack out. Everyone was still at their stands so he called me to send our brother-in-law Carl up to help pack. Jeff's brother Tim showed up and helped as well. Jeff finally got the buck packed out and home. The nice blacktail dressed out around 167 pounds and will fill the freezer with some good meat.

**Note: Photo and Article by Anita McCraven

Jeff McCraven 2015

2014 Season

Ron Miller 2014
Ron Miller - Fossil Unit

Ron sends us a picture of another (3 years in a row!) bull elk he shot this past season in September. Ron shot his bull with a Bowtech Destroyer 350, and uses G5 Montech 100gr broad heads.

Brenna Blankenship 2014
Brenna Blankenship - Rogue Unit

Brenna's last youth hunt proved to be a success! She had made up her mind to hold out for a real big buck, but the deer were not cooperating. She had one giant appear but when she pulled back his 6th sense kicked in. The buck moved behind a tree and out waited her. Having come to full draw she finally had to let down and that's when he saw her and took off. Five days she waited for him to use that canyon again, but he never showed.

She decided to move her stand to where there was more activity. The weather had turned bitter cold, 19 degrees in the morning and warmed to only 35 degrees. After three more days, at 4:49 a very nice 4x4 buck came within shooting distance. She hit him behind the shoulder but he was spinning. Of all the deer she has taken, this was the first time she missed the heart, but she did get one lung and the liver.

Because it was now dark we decided to head back out the next morning to be safe. We ended up on our hands and knees tracking blood and eventually found her deer. He had gone about two hundred yards.

This is Brenna's 10th record book buck. She did it on her own. It makes a father a little nervous that she is out there by herself but that's just the way it has to be if your going to be successful. She sat in a tree stand from the first day of season until December 30th, the only exception was for Christmas day. It was a welcome day off, not having to get up at 5:30 in the morning! Thank you Brenna for all the great hunting memories, Alan Bankenship, father.

Brenna Blankenship 2014
Brenna Blankenship 2014
Brenna Blankenship - Rogue Unit

Another successful year for Brenna! Patience paid off, after sitting for three hours in the pouring rain during her late November hunt. As the weather began to clear the deer began to move and the bucks started chasing does. This buck came in to 10 yards where Brenna placed a lethal hit to the heart. He made it only 25 yards from the stand. Further proof that girls can hunt too! Brenna has now shot more good bucks than anyone in her hunting group. Hopefully Brenna's success inspires you to take your daughter hunting! Enjoy the thrill of hunting with a child or young adult!

Phil Miller 2014
Philip Miller - Santiam Unit

Patience pays off for Phillip Miller as he passed on several deer in the early season. This 5x5 Blacktail buck was following a young doe, when it passed by his stand in late November. Phillip used a 100 gr Muzzy Trocar on the end of a Gold Tip Expedition at 20 yards from his Bowtech Soldier.

Phil Miller
Philip Miller - Starkey Unit

After two seasons of archery elk hunting and more than 20 days total in the stand, Phillip had this 5x4 bull come into range. The elk made lots of noise as it approached Phillip's stand so there was plenty of time to prepare for his first shot at an elk. Standing broadside at only 25 yards Phillip was presented the opportunity all hunters hope for. The elk traveled 60 yards before crashing to the ground. Phillip had help from fellow OBH & Wapiti Bowmen members which made the job of packing much easier. Phillip gives thanks to Don Smith, Jaryn Smith, Ralph Snyder, Phil McPerson, and Glen Walker!

Ron Miller
Jamie Dixson
Jamie Dixson - Hart Mountain Unit

Beautiful 15" trophy!

Jamie Dixsonr
Jamie and Alli Dixson
Jamie Dixson & Alli Dixson - Trask Unit

Jamie with his 11 year old daughter Alli on a mentor hunt.
Alli made a 30 yard shot for her trophy blacktail!

Alli Dixson
Alli Dixson
Alli Dixson

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2013 Season

Lisa Endicott
Lisa Endicott - Desolation Unit

Lisa, co-owner of the "Bow Rack" in Springfield shot this nice mule deer opening day!

Bill Garcia
Bill Garcia - Santiam Unit

Bill’s First Deer!

The young buck was perfectly positioned for the shot and my son-in-saw Bill Garcia was starting to draw his bow for the kill. The cool, clear November morning was about to get very interesting. As I focused on the deer I heard the unmistakable sound of the shot. But something was wrong, the shot sounded muffled and the deer was startled but was not struck by the arrow. I glanced at Bill as he mouthed silently “I don’t know what happened. It just came off.” Bill’s release had slipped off the string loop less than half way to full draw. I saw that the deer had moved less than 10 yards and was still chewing on the apple he had in his mouth. I whispered back “Nock another arrow, he may come back.” We watched quietly as the buck moved slowly through the timber and up the hill circling around to our right. He appeared headed toward safety where the power lines hang above the clearing. About 40 yards away from our stands he stopped and looked back toward the food and he seemed to be weighing the options … food or safety. After all, the noise made by the shot was not loud and the surprise of the arrow landing just inches from his nose was apparently not alarming enough to leave a tasty meal on the ground.

I came so close to missing this hunt with Bill altogether. On October 7 I was climbing to a hanging tree stand in North Carolina when I found a lack of hand holds and foot pegs as I neared the stand some 15 feet above the ground. I was concerned but figured that I could reach the bow hanger and move my left foot to the stand. Carefully I made the adjustments and stepped to the stand. Falling in complete darkness gives you an odd feeling. You can’t see the ground and you don’t have any idea what position your body is in as you fall. Time seemed to slow for me and many thoughts went through my mind. What will be broken? Will it be my legs, arms, neck? How can I regain control of this situation? I know the guide will be back around 10:30 a.m. but it is about 5:30 a.m. now. Can I survive for up to 5 hours before he finds me? Why does my cell carrier have such poor coverage in this state? I felt the spindly tree behind me and tried to grasp it as my left hand raked down the bending trunk. Then came the thud of my body hitting the ground. I instantly knew I had landed on my side and I heard as much as felt my head snap to the left and pound on the ground. I opened my eyes and saw my hat with the LED lights on the bill lying next to me. I knew I was alive and made a quick inventory of my pain and decided that nothing was terribly wrong. I slowly stood, and like a real man, I climbed back into the tree and finished the hunt knowing just how stupid I was to have gotten in that stand that nearly cost me serious injury or death.

The tree stand setup did not include a safety line as well as having been poorly designed. I had earlier this season hunted elk for twelve days from tree stands that all had safety lines. I was attached to the safety line before leaving the ground on my way up and was never detached until returning to the ground. When I had a moment to speak with the guide and the owner of the operation I explained what had happened and my concerns about the safety of the stand. I was told that I was the first to complain and that no other hunter had fallen. They further told me that safety lines were sometimes more trouble than they were worth. I won’t be hunting with this outfitter again! Nor will I hunt with any other outfitter that does not share my commitment to tree stand safety.

Needless to say that Bill and I had both attached our safety harness to our safety line before climbing into our trees that morning. It was good that Bill nocked another arrow. That young spike buck turned and walked back to the food. He was wary and looked in all directions before bending his neck to take a bite, this time of corn. Bill was amazingly calm for a hunter who had never shot a deer and had the earlier events take place a few minutes previously. He drew the bow when the deer’s head was behind a small tree and he placed his arrow perfectly for a double lung shot. Twenty minutes later we climbed down and quickly found the deer just 50 yards away. I don’t think I have ever seen such a smile on a hunter’s face. I was so very thankful to be there, in that moment, sharing the joy of Bill’s first bow kill.

Tree stand safety is important to all archery hunters who hope to ambush game from an elevated stand. No hunter should be in a tree without taking adequate safety measures. I know how it feels to hit the ground from 15 feet up. My pain was similar to the pain of being T-boned in an auto collision. I was stiff for weeks, my massive bruising was evident for a month. But every day I wake up thankful that I am alive and not badly injured. I will never hunt from a stand that does not include a safety line and I encourage you to consider thoughtfully doing the same.

Bowtech Soldier, Gold Tip arrow, Muzzy 100 grain three blade
Shot at 18 yds., Double lung complete pass through, traveled 50 yards

Story by Bill Garcia

Philip Miller
Philip Miller
Santiam Unit

After hunting twelve days of elk season and five days in N.C. without drawing my bow it was good to get back to my home and the familiar tree stand on the family property. I arrowed a small antlerless deer two hours into my LOP hunt in the Santiam Unit. But, when the second archery season opened I was back to long sits and no suitable deer to burn my tag on.

At mid-morning I stood to stretch and take a small drink from my water bottle. I found a fun size candy bar and unwrapped the bar quietly. I noticed the wrapper didn't come completely off and as I turned to sit back in the stand I bit off the corner with the stuck wrapper and spit in to the ground. Satisfied with the appearance of the candy I raised it to my mouth and looked up into the timber. Imagine my surprise when I saw the 3x3 slowly walking toward me at less than 30 yards.

Reaching for my bow while watching the buck getting closer and closer, I knew I had to move quickly but not in a way that would alert my approaching target. He stopped for about 30 seconds with a tree trunk between his eyes and my form in the stand. I drew and waited for him to make a few final steps. At about ten yards he presented the best shot I could hope for, headed toward me but with a good angle for a steep shot into his chest on his right side. The arrow struck and the buck grunted loudly and bolted directly beneath me heading downhill. At the property line he followed a well worn path and continued toward an opening.

I climbed down convinced he was fatally shot, but unsure how far he would travel and how difficult it would be to find him. I wanted to give him plenty of time and I walked back to my home to tell my story to my wife. After an hour we retraced the buck's path toward the opening. Little blood was found but his tracks were deep and easy to follow. Reaching the opening the tracks were disappearing and we split to cove more land in hopes of finding the buck. We had only to travel another 20 yards to find him stiff, dead for the entire hour and a half from the time he was shot. What a relief to know the Muzzy Trocar had done what it was designed to do! I have taken at least one deer in each of the 4 years I have hunted archery, but this was by far the biggest buck scoring 96 5/8 as a green score. He was worth the days waiting without getting a shot!

Green score Pope and Young = 96 5/8
Bowtech Insanity, Gold Tip arrow, Muzzy 100 grain Trocar
Shot at 10 yards, traveled 150 yards, single lung complete pass through

Blankenship 2013 2
Brenna Blankenship - Rogue Unit

Well Brenna did it again! She shot two great bucks. One in the general season and one with the great bucks. One in the general season and one with the youth land owner tag. I was with her on the general season tag. We sat in stand for 3 days and on that 3rd day a very nice 4x4 popped out. He came down the trail at about 20 yards, but when she drew her bow he heard her and started walking away. He went to about 37 yards and I grunted. He stopped and pinned his ears back but did not turn at all. I grunted again and finally he turned just a little. I asked Brenna if she could make the shot and she replied , yep. She had to hit him just off the hip aiming for the front leg. She did. Amazing shot. He went down in about 40 yards. This was on November 11. He should score @ 120.

The other deer was taken on the second day of the youth hunt. It was Brennas first day of hunting because the first day of season she had to prepare for the FFA auction fundraiser. She is an officer for the FFA. December 15th was our first day of hunting. It started slow but about 10:00 this 4x4 came in. Brenna had a down jacket on, mistake, the material made to much noise and when she started to draw the buck heard her. He ran off. She took off the down jacket and I gave her my 3 layers of polar fleece. I was going to freeze so I went back to the truck to get another jacket since it was around 21 degrees. But while I walked back to the truck I got a text that a BBD! That buck popped out and watched me walk up the hill and walked in-front of Brenna where she put the arrow right behind the shoulder and he was down in 40 yards. What a great day!

This was her 8th record book buck. And this one was a good one! Should go around 135. A really nice buck. I was waiting for a giant double drop tine buck but he never came out in the day. A zero for me. But Brenna filled the freezer and the memories and again take your kids hunting. There is nothing in this world that is more memorable than watching your child accomplish such accomplishments. Thanks again Brenna for another amazing memory. Love Dad, Alan Blankenship

Blankenship 2013 2
Starr 2014
Craig Starr - Hart Mountain Antelope Refuge

Craig Starr, OBH Vice President of Bowhunting & Legislation was grateful for drawing this coveted tag and made the best of it when he scored on this nice antelope early Monday morning on August 5th. Craig was joined on the hunt by his son-in-law, OBH Central Oregon Director Allan Sanford, who captured the successful shot on video.

Jim Campbell Elk
Jim Campbell
Jim Campbell Deer

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