Proposals for the OBH Field Governors

Title: Amendments to the OBH General Tournament Rules (and to include the 3-D General Tournament Rules)

Presented to the Field Governors for Consideration at the 2017 Field Governors meeting at the State Convention

Submitted By: Mike McManus


Whereas, Oregon Bow Hunters (OBH) Tournament Rules were last revised in June of 2006; and

Whereas, There is not intent to significantly alter the Tournament Rules; and

Whereas, The Tournament Secretary and OBH President have been consulted for suggestions and recommended improvements; and

Whereas, Certain methods of payment for tournament fees have been modernized eliminating the need for postal mailing of such fees; and

Whereas, In a general there is a desire to simplify, eliminate repetitive rules, correct errors and reduce the number of rule pages; and

Whereas, To eliminate any conflict of tournament rules with the OBH Bylaws; and

Whereas, To eliminate the Hunter Class Shooting Styles in the 3-D Section V., Paragraph 19 (note: last offered in 2009 and had one participant); and

Whereas, The elimination of Sections VII through IX (note: these Tournaments have not been held in over 15 years and any tournament can be added back to the rules in the future if the Executive Board can find an individual to administer such tournaments); and

Whereas, The elimination of the 3-D General Tournament Rules, since a preponderance of these rules are already included in the OBH Tournament Rules Section V., and those that are not are now included in the OBH Tournament Rules; and

Therefore Be It Proposed to the OBH Board of Field Governors that the following amendment to Oregon Bow Hunters Tournament Rules and the elimination of the 3-D General Tournament Rules be voted and approved:

(See attached pages)

Original Version with Markup (pdf 13 pages)

Proposed Final Version after Markup (pdf 4 pages)

Actual Proposal in pdf format

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