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10/17/14 Board Meeting

Please remember our Board Meeting Saturday, October 18th at Cabela's in Tualatin, 9am sharp!

Link to Meeting Agenda

10/16/14 ODF&W Director Survey

To all,

ODF&W is kicking off their recruitment for selecting a new Director to replace Roy Elicker who recently resigned to assume a new position with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. As the first step in ODFW's recruitment/selection process, they are providing an opportunity to the public to weigh in regarding the characteristics and strengths we would like to see in a new Director. If you click on the following link, it should take you to the survey site:


Following the prompts on the site will enable you to complete the survey.

Craig Starr
2nd VP Bowhunting and Legislation
Oregon Bow Hunters

10/16/14 ODF&W Adopts Changes for 2015

All of you that have an interest in bow hunting should give your thanks to our VP of Legislation, Craig Starr who spends many personal hours and expense to attend the ODF&W meetings, testifying on our behalf. Another great advocate and also attends those meeting is Wayne Wayne Endicott, owner of the Bow Rack in Springfield. As a result ODF&W announced positive changes for archery.

MEDFORD, Ore. - The Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission today adopted the 2015 Oregon Big Game Regulations, which includes increasing the statewide cougar quota. Major changes include several modifications to archery season regulations as a result of the recent Archery Review Public Advisory Committee process, including:

  • Adding three controlled archery deer hunts in Walla Walla, Mount Emily and Wenaha units, and removal of the requirement to have a controlled elk archery tag to deer hunt. The tag will also be valid during the general archery season.
  • Adding a new November controlled archery white-tailed deer hunt in the Wenaha unit (estimate 30 tags, will be the hunters only archery deer opportunity).
  • Severing the link between archery deer and elk tags in Sled Springs, Chesnimnus, Maury, and Warner units, meaning an archery elk tag will no longer be required to hunt deer.
  • Adding new Maury and Warner unit controlled archery elk hunts. Tags will also be valid during the general archery season.
  • Returning Sled Springs, Chesnimnus, and Steens Mountain units to the general archery deer season.

Other changes include:

  • Increasing the statewide cougar quota from 777 to 970 to reflect increasing cougar populations, more damage and public safety issues from cougar in some areas, and deer and elk populations that are below objectives in many areas.
  • Adding one week to the Saddle Mountain unit late archery deer hunt and ending a long-standing closure for deer hunting in the unit north of the Burlington Northern tracks. The area was closed years ago to protect Columbian White-Tailed deer. The deer population has expanded, making the closure unnecessary.
  • Added the Keating unit and removed the Stott Mountain unit from areas where archery hunters and hunters with a disability permit may take an antlerless elk during bull seasons.

AAdditional information and details can be found at this link... http://www.dfw.state.or.us/news/2014/october/101014.asp

8/8/14 Board Member Changes

With a majority vote by the board, Carl Swartz has agreed to fulfill the remaining term as our OBH President. Also receiving board approval is Ken Warner stepping in to fill the vacated position by Carl as the VP of Membership & Publicity.

We still have two open positions on the board, both committeemen positions. We need someone to fill the Southwest and North Central District positions. Please contact Carl if you know of an individual or would be willing to fill one of these two open spots. Remember the person filling the position must live in that District.

The Southwest District shall be bounded by the Pacific Ocean, Highway 42 as stated above to the Northeast corner of Crater Lake National Park and including Crater Lake National Park, then south along the western boundary of Klamath County to the Oregon-California line and west to the Pacific Ocean.

The North Central District shall be bounded by the summit of the Cascades, Columbia River, Highway 395 and Highway 26. All cities and towns on Highway 26 are in this District with the exception of Madras (Central District). (Those cities and towns on Highway 395 are in the Northeast District).

8/04/14 Lighted Knocks

To all,

John Stone, an OBH Life Member and owner of The Archery Hut pro shop in Lebanon, is trying to gain signatures on a petition urging the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission to legalize use of lighted nocks for bowhunting in Oregon. I've attached a copy of the petition form that John has prepared. If you have opportunities to get signatures from Oregon bowhunters on the form by posting it in your shops, taking it to your club meetings or 3-D shoots, etc., I'm sure John would appreciate it. Please gather up the signature forms and mail them to John so he receives them not later than September 30, 2014.

John's mailing address is:
John Stone/The Archery Hut
190 Crowfoot Road
Lebanon, OR 97355

Thank you! Craig Starr 2nd VP Bowhunting and Legislation Oregon Bow Hunters

Download Petition Click Here

7/30/14 State Championship Results

Triple Crown Results are now posted. (Please note effective 8/4/14 this document was updated with a couple revisions.)

Results for all the State Championships are posted at the Tournaments Results Link.

Indoor Youth Tournament Results Click Here

7/10/14 Crossbow Survey

Please take a quick moment of your time to answer this short survey located at this link, Survery Link

6/7/14 Wildlife Game Commission Meeting Followup

See the Legislation Link for an update from Craig Starr

1/14/2014 Successful Hunter!

Lisa Endicott

Lisa Endicott's nice mule deer!

Details of the hunt and more hunters... Info Click Here